Why ChooSE


  1. focuses on key developmental stages
  2. encourages cooperation
  3. learning is child-centered 
  4. builds a sense of community
  5. fosters independance & creativity
  6. moves from concrete to abstract

Montessori Preparatory Academy

Discover the joy of learning. 

​​​Our Mission​

Preschool # (928) 278-9237    Main Campus # (928)  278-9241

Based upon the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, the Academy aims to promote success and valuable life skills needed to operate within a culturally diverse and complex world by promoting: 
•    Academic Excellence
•    A Life Long love of Learning  
•    Environmental Awareness & Responsibility
•    Mutual Respect
•    and Individual Accountability

Our Programs:

  • ​​​Preschool Program for ages 3-6 licensed by the Arizona Department of Health

  • Lower Elementary for ages 6-9

  • Upper Elementary for ages 9-12

  • Junior High for ages 12-14

  • High School for ages 14-18 with College Preparatory Program

  • See Admissions Page for further details