OUR faculty

Our faculty is dedicated to guiding students through lessons that prepare them both academically and for life. Faculty and assistants are committed to a whole child approach to education that instills a life-long love of learning.


Our goal is to create a warm, open, home-like environment where students feel safe enough to ask questions, explore and seek answers. We challenge every student to surpass his or her own personal best and allow them the opportunity to excel in their interests. 



Personal best

Established in 2013 as a private not-for-profit school, MPA was founded to offer an education that fosters respect, collaborative learning and academic excellence.

We are owned and operated by a Parent-run, Volunteer Board of Directors who are committed to the mission of our school.

Respect others

Our Mission

Montessori Preparatory Academy

Discover the joy of learning. 



Main Campus # (928)  278-9241

Respect yourself


At Montessori Preparatory Academy, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Our goal is to help your student to ask questions, explore, and learn using the following:


  • Prepared Environment
  • Freedom within Limits
  • Self-correcting Materials
  • Whole Child Approach