Since late 2012, when MPA was in its infancy, we have been humbled by the encouragement and support from local community leaders, parents and volunteers.  Since we opened our doors to students in the summer of 2013 we sought to provide a hands-on learning experience that fostered a child's curiosity and respected their own learning needs.  As with any labor of love, the decision to close our program was a painstaking decision to make after many, many months of thoughtful discussions.  In the end, however, we feel very fortunate to have shared so many years of joyful learning with our students and staff.

Montessori Preparatory Academy

Discover the joy of learning. 

Montessori Preparatory Academy has officially closed after the 2020-21 school year.  We have enjoyed serving our community and providing meaningful Montessori education to our students since the summer of 2013.

To request Student records or for more information please Email: 

*Please be aware that Montessori Preparatory Academy did not administer any State or Standardized testing

and followed a traditional Montessori Scope and Sequence.